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For generations, there had been prophecies in France which promised the nation would be saved by a virgin from the “borders of Lorraine” “who would work miracles” and “that France will be lost by a woman and shall thereafter be restored by a virgin.” The name ArcFires was chosen in reverent memory of the life, mission, and legacy of Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orléans and heroin of France.

Nearly 600 years ago, on May 30, 1431, 19-year old Joan of Arc was burned at the stake by a politically-motivated tribunal after she lead the French armies in nine miraculous victories against the English during the 100 Years War. Claiming to have experienced visions and visitations from heavenly messengers, Joan believed she was called by God to save her nation and preserve the freedom of her people. Against all odds, she successfully lifted the siege at Orléans, allowing the Dauphin to finally be crowned king of France and restore order to the French forces.

To watch an excellent docudrama of the life and trial of Joan of Arc, click here.

ArcFires is so much more than a business or website. The ArcFires flame symbolizes the fire within each of us that burns with a love of faith, family, and freedom. It represents the passion that drives us to do every good thing that we do. ArcFires represents our desire and—thanks to the power of websites—our ability to quickly influence the world for good.

We believe that beautiful and powerful websites are simply a means to an end. Websites increase our capacity to perpetuate ideas that matter in extremely influential ways at unbelievable speeds. They enable us to provide for our families as we use websites to serve others throughout our international community.

ArcFires was started to offer websites that increase our capacity to influence, serve, and provide. Hire us to help you start a fire.

About Jacob householder

Jacob has approximately six years of experience helping hundreds of people with marketing campaigns and building WordPress websites for businesses, nonprofits, public figures, and private bloggers. 

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Jacob is the president and co-founder of the Freedom Action Center and Director of Training at the Madison Liberty Institute. He is a public speaker, researcher, and writer who believes America can be healed through civil public discourse and proper education. He seeks to unify America by promoting and highlighting bipartisan solutions instead of partisan problems. He has assisted with various projects, such as the Harvard Divinity School’s Religious Literacy Project. Jacob is currently studying Financial Economics and is preparing to apply to graduate school to attain a PhD in Economics. He has assisted with the creation of half a dozen educational nonprofits over the past several years. Jacob is an advocate of liberty and has dedicated his life to teaching principles of successful government and making hopeful solutions popular.

Jacob uses the income made from website development to enable him to pay for school, engage in the educational nonprofit arena, and prepare to provide for a family.