New Website Backup Service

We now have an agency account with Jetpack so we can provide discounted use of their VaultPress website backup service for our clients. We’ve tested it out for several months...

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New Client Portal

To help you manage financial records, pay invoices online, prepare taxes, and manage recurring payments on service subscriptions, we’ve built a new client portal at We still need to...

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2024 Premium Plugin Maintenance Pricing

Your websites use premium plugins to power the designs and essential functionality. Here are common plugins that we use to power your WordPress websites and the standard pricing for single...

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Server Upgrades

Bringing you better service for less money… 🤗 When we first started hosting websites, we powered your websites with a lightweight server designed to host your websites as cheaply as...

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New Contact Methods

New Phone Number We had constant issues with our previous business phone system and we’ve switched so we can continue to send and receive text messages. Please contact us at...

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February 2024 Rate Changes

We’ve kept our hourly maintenance rates extremely low for as long as we could so that virtually anybody could afford our services. But now it’s time for us to start...

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