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When we first started hosting websites, we powered your websites with a lightweight server designed to host your websites as cheaply as possible. There was nothing remarkable about the server besides its simplicity.

However, as your websites have become more successful, they’ve received more and more attacks. You’ve also requested more access and control over your websites than the platform allowed. It became apparent late 2022 that our hosting solution needed to become much more secure and competitive with industry leading hosting platforms.

In recent months, we completely transformed the way we host your websites. Using an advanced configuration of Cloudlinux OS, LiteSpeed webserver, Imunify360+ security, Cloudflare nameservers, Wordfence firewalls, cPanel hosting portals, and multitude of other tools, your websites have never been faster or more secure.

All of these changes have made it possible to price your website hosting differently, allowing most clients to experience a dramatic drop in pricing! Instead of charging a flat rate per website, you can now purchase hosting packages

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