New Website Backup Service

New Website Backup Service

We now have an agency account with Jetpack so we can provide discounted use of their VaultPress website backup service for our clients. We’ve tested it out for several months and we’re honestly obsessed!

✅ Instead of slowly backing up your entire website manually or on a fixed schedule, backups are incremental, and real-time! This saves TONS of storage, server resources, and provides peace of mind as you manage your website.
✅ VaultPress backups are off-site, so if your website is hacked or your server is nuked, you have full access to countless versions of your website over time.
✅ One-click restores allow you to roll your website back to various restore points with a single click.
✅ Backup file viewer allows us to grab a recent version of any file without having to restore the entire backup to a staging site (fixing a downed website is SO much faster).

We really recommend this for every single website. Click below to get started!

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