2024 Premium Plugin Maintenance Pricing

2024 Premium Plugin Maintenance Pricing

Your websites use premium plugins to power the designs and essential functionality. Here are common plugins that we use to power your WordPress websites and the standard pricing for single site licenses:

Premium Plugins Single Site Pricing
Admin Columns Pro $89.00
Elementor Pro $59.00
ACF Pro $49.00
Dynamic Content for Elementor $59.00
Premium Addons Pro $39.00
Ele Custom Skin Pro $59.00
Gravity Forms Elite $59.00
Ultimate Addons for Elementor $69.00
Search & Filter Pro $20.00
Piotnet Addons for Elementor $40.00
Unlimited Elements for Elementor $49.00
Gravity Perks – Pro $59.00
Gravity Forms – Keap $69.00
Bricks Builder $79.00

Thanks to our agency-level plugin licenses, we can provide you with about $798/yr in value per website for $63.84/yr (about $5.32/mo). To put that in context, Elementor Pro alone costs $59/year. You have access to over a dozen premium plugins for nearly the exact same price.

At some point this spring, we will need to start disconnecting our licenses from websites that are lacking plugin maintenance subscriptions. Please help us out by setting up a plugin maintenance plan for each of your websites. This will keep your sites reliable and secure.

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