February 2024 Rate Changes

February 2024 Rate Changes

We’ve kept our hourly maintenance rates extremely low for as long as we could so that virtually anybody could afford our services. But now it’s time for us to start prioritizing our physical, mental, and financial health.

Starting February 1, we’re putting more emphasis on retainers so that we can plan our workload better and provide a more consistent and reliable service to our most eager clients.

As many of you know, ArcFires has always been more than just a business to us. It’s a community where we’ve grown together, faced challenges, and celebrated successes. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service has been at the heart of everything we do. However, to continue providing the high-quality service you’ve come to expect, we need to make some changes.

The decision to adjust our hourly rates and focus more on retainer work wasn’t made lightly. We understand that this change may impact how some of you engage with our services. Please know that this step is crucial for us to maintain the standard of excellence you deserve, while also ensuring the sustainability of our business and the well-being of our team.

For our clients with existing retainers, we’re introducing a transition period. We’ll work closely with you to find the best way forward. Our goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

For those considering our services, we believe this change will allow us to dedicate more time and resources to each project, ensuring that your needs are met with the utmost care and attention.

We’re here to answer any questions or concerns you may have about these changes. Your understanding and support mean the world to us, and we’re excited to continue this journey together, growing and adapting in ways that benefit us all.

Thank you for being a part of the ArcFires family. Your trust in us has always been our greatest motivator, and we look forward to serving you with even greater dedication and excellence in the days to come.

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