What Does a Website Build Cost?

What Does a Website Build Cost?

ArcFires vs ArcSites

We use WordPress to build two different types of websites.

ArcFires Websites - $1,000-10,000+

"ArcFires" websites are typically $1,000-$10,000 depending on the needs of our clients and project timeline. We build custom designs using Elementor Pro and incorporate the best techniques to provide state of the art websites that are designed to scale well. ArcFires websites are built by experienced developers.

ArcSites - $200-500+

We recently started offering "ArcSites," a budget-friendly alternative to our ArcFires websites, which are built on standard WordPress themes. These sites are intended to be a “minimum viable product,” forgoing all of the extra bells and whistles and built by contractors who are practicing and learning to meet the "ArcFires" brand standard. ArcSites are typically a few hundred dollars.

[View the tables below to get a clear comparison between our two types of websites.]

Providing an exact quote for a website is impossible without making a lot of assumptions and knowing several critical details about the scope of the project. Use these options to determine the cost of your project:

  1. Rough estimate: Website Cost Estimator
  2. Schedule a Discovery Call to get an precise bid.

For more information, click to read about all of the costs involved with building and maintaining a website.

ArcFires Websites

Intermediate and Advanced Website Projects
$ 1,000-10,000+ Approximate build cost*
  • Built by experienced developers
  • Custom design with Elementor Pro
  • Designed to scale effortlessly
  • Global style settings for smooth rebranding
  • Utilizes Advanced Custom Fields
  • Utilizes Custom Post Types
  • Advanced security


Minimum Viable Product for Small Projects
$ 200-500+ Approximate build cost*
  • Built by subcontractors
  • Longer turnaround time
  • Not designed for scale
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